Dermatologic Surgery – Post-operative period

Dermatologic surgeries usually allow a quick post-operative recuperation.

After laser treatments, repairing and soothing creams are prescribed for a few days until skin is completely healed. Total sun protection is crucial for at least three months, in order to avoid discolouration.

After surgery, stitches are removed after five to seven days on the face and after two weeks on the body. In some cases, dissolvable stitches are used which come out spontaneously (e.g. circumcision, inside the mouth). Post-operatively, daily disinfection of wounds is prescribed until stitch removal.

In order to achieve the best results, in terms of scar quality and hence visibility, it is advisable to apply paper tape to scars for three months, replacing them every 10 days. In this way tension on scars, which may cause scar widening, is reduced.  Afterwards, silicone gel should be applied for a few months, to facilitate optimal scarring. Sunscreen must be applied to the scars for at least three months